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New member here. Looking for loading data for Randy's 110 .25 caliber bullets in a .25/.284 and a .25-06. Also for his 135 grain 6.5s in a  6.5-06. Looking especially for loads with IMR 7977 powder.
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Just back from a trip through Wyoming. Lots of rain this spring. Everything looks nice and  green. A fair number of antelope along the roads from Pine Bluffs to Rawlins on up to Dubois and from Dubois back through Lander, then to Casper and from Casper up to Midwest, then over to Wright and on up to Gillette and out to Rapid City. Saw goats east of White River, SD which was surprising to me

Got my spot around Douglas locked in and looking forward to a nice fall hunt.
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R.G. Robinett
For the 7977, you'll probably have to do a little extrapolation, starting LOW and working up. RG
"That'll never work!"
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